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Dog Boarding

We would be so honored to take care of your dog while you are away where they will be able to play with dogs all day and have their own personal space at night.

Managerial and Ownership Staff are Certified Professional Animal Care Providers (CPACP) by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC). Employees are trained by this staff along with the Dog Gurus Training Program. Snouts & Stouts takes extra steps to make sure your dog is always in safe, trained, and knowledgeable hands.


You can expect that your dog will have breakfast in the morning and then begin playing with the rest of the group. Then they will take a break during the middle of the day for a much-needed nap, and then more playing in the afternoon. Your dog will be part of the daycare group during the day and will follow their routine in an off-leash environment.


During daycare pickup time, your dog will continue to hang out with their daycare buddies, and then they will be directed to the private dog boarding area. This is where their individual kennel will be, and they will be fed dinner and then take a nap for a few hours. They will then have a short playtime session before going to sleep for the night. This is the time when they can get their nighttime zoomies out and go potty. You will also receive a report card about your dog's stay after check out.


Drop-off for boarding is anytime between 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM Monday - Thursday. Pickup is anytime between 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM Tuesday - Friday. You can also add an extended pickup time, up to 6:00 PM, for an additional $34. Late fees will be applied if you do not pick up your dog by 6:00 PM.


Dog Boarding is only offered Monday Night - Thursday Night, with the last pickup time being Friday at 6:00 PM. The first drop-off time will be Monday at 7:30 AM. Boarding will not be offered on weekends.


The day pass is included for the same day that you pick up for boarding, so feel free to stay at Snouts & Stouts for a few hours and grab a drink after you pick up your dog!


Dog Boarding will operate at a limited capacity each day, and you will need to reserve your spot 24 hours in advance.


Your dog will also need to pass a temperament test before you can register for boarding.


Cost for boarding will be $65 per night or you can purchase a 4-night boarding package for $230.

General Requirements for boarding:

- Dog must be 20+ pounds

- Dog must be at least 6 months old

These measures are put in place to ensure safety of your dogs in our off-leash environment.

If your dog does not meet the requirement for boarding, they are still welcome at Snouts & Stouts during dog park bar hours!

Click below to begin the registration process for boarding!

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